The choice of cartridge is strictly dependent upon your intended purpose for the rifle. Regardless of barrel length or other build considerations, choosing the correct cartridge for the job is paramount to ensuring your success. We have a great deal of experience with a wide variety of cartridges as well as a wide network of industry associates with very specialized knowledge we can call upon to help make this choice as easy as possible for you.

Primal Rights, Inc has detailed articles on their website which discuss all manner of precision rifle related topics. From how to build a firing position to how to do proper load development. They also offer in-person one-on-one and group training at their facility in Huron SD. The staff at Primal Rights are very knowledgeable and have helped many of our customers get the most of their new TS Customs rifle. They also sell a wide variety of precision rifle related equipment and optics.

Our extensive library of chamber reamers is constantly growing to accomodate the latest cartridge and bullet innovations. We typically specify custom reamers to best suit the most popular bullets and brass available for each cartridge. It is our goal to optimize each cartridge's performance in their applicable rifle formats with properly specified chamber dimensions.

If we do not have a reamer in our inventory to satisfy your goals or specifications, we are happy to work with you in designing a custom designed reamer for your application. We are also happy to use a reamer you provide.

We are constantly expanding and growing as a company, and as a result our pricing and product offering changes too frequently for a website to possibly keep up with. While our rifles and services are not cheap, we are firmly committed to providing the most value for your dollar spent. Each customer and each of their individual rifle builds are treated individually to ensure your expectations are fully met or exceeded. We will discuss all projected costs on the phone with you before your build begins and we work hard to ensure there will be no surprises regarding your rifle or the costs associated with it.

We have partnered with Primal Rights, Inc to provide Tangent Theta optics. Whether a lightweight hunting rifle or a hardcore match rifle, Tangent Theta has the best scopes available right now. It's what Travis runs on his PRS competition rifles as well as his hunting rifles and has had fantastic success in the last few years. If you are going to have a TS Customs rifle, you deserve the best optic in the world to go on top of it.

A custom action is the absolute best use of your dollar on your custom rifle build. One-piece fluted bolts, tactical bolt knobs, 8-40 base screws, integral picatinny rails, integral recoil lugs, M16 extractors, improved bolt manipulation ergonomics, nitride finish, and overall reliability are all advantages typically seen in a custom action over a factory Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, or Tikka T3. Many of the aforementioned upgrades are available for the factory receiver but not without nearing or exceeding the initial cost of using a custom action.

A custom action will also retain it's value far better than a blueprinted factory action.

The majority of our rifles are being built on Lone Peak Arms receivers. The guys at Lone Peak have made great strides to offer a complete line of phenomenal actions for every precision rifle shooting discipline. From ultralight titanium hunting receivers to the most robust, all-integral tactical receivers, Lone Peak's service and selection has us looking no further.

Infrequent or improper cleaning is one of the leading causes of issues we see with rifles. Some customers have a tendency to shoot a lot and clean a little. This can cause the formation of carbon/fouling buildup in the chamber and bore which can lead to the rifle performing poorly or becoming entirely inoperable. Here are some general guidelines of barrel maintenance.

  1. Clean the rifle when it is new. Push some patches wet with Wipe-Out Patch-Out down the bore to ensure a whistle clean bore to begin with. Be sure to use a quality one-piece cleaning rod, bore guide, and properly fitting jag.
  2. Fire no more than 20 rounds through the rifle.
  3. Clean the bore thoroughly again with Wipe-Out Patch-Out
  4. Fire no more than 50 rounds through the rifle.
  5. Clean the bore thoroughly again with Wipe-Out Patch-Out

From this point you can typically adopt a cleaning regimen based on the behavior of the specific barrel on your rifle. It is important to track the performance of the barrel over time and ensure you are cleaning frequently enough to maintain the accuracy and precision you are happy with. Keeping a barrel log of cleaning intervals is a great way to track this behavior. An online barrel log system we like to use is There you can keep detailed range reports and load development data about your rifle which will help you make informed decisions regarding your maintenance schedule.

Our preference for stock manufacturers has long been McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. McMillan has been a forerunner in the rifle stock industry for over 4 decades. From full-featured tactical stocks to trim, ultralight hunting stocks, McMillan has a stock shape to meet our needs.

McMillan does an exceptional job providing custom ordered stocks to our specifications in a very respectable lead time.

The stock being the steering wheel with which you drive the rifle, you may have preference for another manufacturer's stock. We are happy to build your rifle on a quality stock or chassis that you provide.

Since the inception of TS Customs, Benchmark Barrels has provided us with consistently accurate and forgiving barrel blanks. Benchmark has positioned themselves as a premier barrel manufacturer with many accolades to support that.

If you have a preferred barrel manufacturer, we are happy to install a barrel that you provide for your build.

The majority of our builds receive Trigger Tech triggers due to their reliability and consistency. We are happy to supply a Trigger Tech trigger for your build or use a quality trigger that you provide.

For both BDL style hinged floorplates and tactical detachable magazine assemblies, Hawkins Precision has provided us with the cleanest and most reliable magazine systems. Available in every configuration to cover hunting and tactical rifles alike, we are happy to provide a Hawkins Precision floorplate or detachable bottom metal for your build.

Hawkins Precision optics mounts are used on the majority of our rifle builds. Hawkins Precision picatinny rings are a mainstay on tactical rifle builds. The Hawkins Precision Long Range Hybrid rings are a blend of tactical ring stature and elegant, non-snagging profile that you will typically see on our lighter weight hunting rifles.

Let us know your optic of choice and we will be glad to provide an applicable Hawkins Precision optic mount.

We have been working to maintain a 2-3 month lead time on custom rifle builds after the corresponding parts land in our shop. With the addition of new machinery and more workforce, we expect the lead to continually become shorter.